21-Day Ketogenic Weight Loss Challenge

This is a beautifully illustrated book that has the potential to significantly benefit your health. Full of simple, delicious recipes, it is a key addition to anybody’s library

Dr. Jason Fung

21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge is a must-read for anyone interested in starting the low carbohydrate lifestyle. Rachel Gregory cuts through the confusion and presents critical information in a simple and practical manner. I will highly recommend this book as a road map to my patients who want to pursue a healthier lifestyle and reduce their dependence on medications (while enjoying delicious recipes). This book will truly change lives.

Dr. Brian Lenzkes

21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge has everything needed to transition into a keto lifestyle using a holistic approach. With recipes, exercise routines, and tips for making simple changes to daily routines, anyone who takes the challenge is sure to have long-term success losing weight and improving health. I highly recommend this complete guide for anyone just getting started or those who are struggling with getting their body into ketosis to burn fat with ease.

Lisa MarcAurele, Founder, Low Carb Yum, LLC

I was excited for this book for all the amazing recipes, and it certainly did not disappoint! But even more than that, I loved the attention to lifestyle beyond diet. Exercise, mindset, stress management, and so much more. This book is an easy to read, all-in-one guide to the hows and whys of ketosis. I will definitely recommend it to my patients.

Dr. Bret Scher

Rachel Gregory and Amanda Hughes simplify the process of the ketogenic lifestyle by combining both nutrition and fitness in one easy-to-understand, 21-day weight loss challenge. The exercises will awaken your body and the delicious recipes will delight your taste buds. This is a must-read for anyone desiring to impact their health and wellness

Kristianne Wargo, CreateYourNow.com

21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge is such an amazing, comprehensive guide to beginning the keto lifestyle. Amanda and Rachel combine their extensive knowledge of nutrition and keto recipe development to bring you a holistic approach to getting started, so you’ll understand exactly how it works and have dozens of delicious keto recipes to keep you in it for the long haul. I recommend it all the way!

Maya Krampf, Founder, Wholesome Yum

I bought three books on Keto- this one by far has been the most helpful and most resourceful! For me I’m an avid meal prepper and I love that this book helps outline bulk meals, how to prep for the week, and also gives you options for dietary options for recipes! The book comes with three weeks of plans for meals already done for you! Takes the guessing out for beginners!!

This book was so great I bought two! Easy read, shopping lists were very helpful setting up the week, easy to follow meal plans, and simple yet delicious recipes!
Moe T.

Love ! Love this book. Not complicated at all and easy for a working mom. The food is easy and hints to meal preps are so helpful. Everything so far to make these recipes are keto staples I’ve already had on hand which makes every meal cost friendly. I’ve made more in one week from this book than from any other keto book I have.


I bought this incredibly good value book on Kindle format. I absolutely love how easy the recipes are! For newbies to Keto, there is nice, easy to understand, introduction! Great book for any level of Keto eater (beginner to master!)

Tina Vassil

This book is awesome! It’s the perfect keto resource for beginners. I say that because it takes all the nerdy science that I love and puts it into words that all my friends understand! It breaks all the science down into quick understandable terms, helps you figure out macros, navigate meal planning, and has awesome recipes!! The thing I love most is that it’s realistic. Anyone else get a cookbook and you’re like umm yeah.. no because there’s 10,000 ingredients and takes an hour to prepare. Well this book is created for busy moms and working people. I was sold when one recipe ingredient was a rotisserie chicken.. nailed it! Get your copy on Amazon while it’s still on sale!!


I have been following the challenge now for 1 week today. It is very well written and the recipes are very clear to follow. My husband is coming around to taking on the challenge too. I love that I feel full all day. It is important to get rid of any non-keto friendly foods in your cupboards too. I find I can have a good breakfast, coffee with HEAVY CREAM…(delicious), for lunch, and then one of the entree recipes for dinner and be totally satisfied. I totally plan on staying with this for a long time! Lost 2 pounds the first week. I’m a 64 year old female excited to find something that is delicious, simpe and works.

DeeDee K

21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge is an excellent book for anyone starting a keto weight loss diet. Rachel and Amanda have given newbies a complete keto program for losing weight in less than a month. The book guides you through weekly snack suggestions, keto-friendly alternatives to carbs, plus sleep and stress management as key targets to a successful keto challenge. And oh, the recipes! Everything from starting your keto day with breakfasts and smoothies to wholesome meals and delish desserts before you end your day.

Paula Wynne, BookLuver.com